Although the relationship between attachment security and parenting style is more rule of thumb than exact science, there is a connection between the two. As one might expect, secure adult attachment is associated with authoritative parenting in which clear boundaries are set for children in ways that take account of their age-related needs and abilities. It is also linked with flexibility and adaptability, attentiveness to their emotional needs and a give-and-take in relationships that is founded on values of positivity and mutual respect. As we have seen, avoidant attachment in childhood is linked with parental models that are more rejecting, neglectful, overwhelming, sometimes pressuring to achieve or occasionally denigrating. This would show up as avoidant attachment in the parent. Overt expressions of affection are discouraged and self-reliance is over-valued. These models may translate into controlling or neglectful parenting styles in adulthood. 


 Avoidant Parenting

 The Impact of Partnerships

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