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Thais Gibson of the Personal Development School in particular ("tools and tips for the subconscious mind") makes excellent videos on attachment. She also has online courses and extensive resources to reprogram your attachment style and on other mental health topics. Check out her and other videos below, and more on YouTube:

40 Key Traits of the Dismissive Avoidant

The Avoidant in Relationships

Avoidant: How to Lead

a Healthier & Happier Life

Avoidant Core Wounds &

How To Reprogram

Avoidant Attachment, Emotional

Neglect & Reprogramming It

Healing the Dismissive

Avoidant Attachment Style

Why the Avoidant is Passive Aggressive

& What to Do


Enmeshment Trauma

Avoidant: What Your Partner

Wants YouTo Know

5 Steps to Resolve Conflict

Avoidant Attachment

Bids for Connection

Thriving Post-Honeymoon Phase

(ways to create love & keep it alive)

Fear of Commitment

Avoidant Attachment Intro

Narcissistic Parents

Re-Parenting Your Inner Child

Why You Feel Depressed

Why You're Indecisive

How To Improve Your Self-Esteem


Dating The Avoidant

The Avoidant's Idea of

a Healthy Relationship

The Avoidant Partner

How to Cope with an Avoidant Partner

How to Respond to an Avoidant Partner

Avoidants & Sex

Avoidant or Narcissistic?

Avoidant or Just Not Interested?

Finally, just for fun, sometimes it helps to just... stop it!

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